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President's Message

My name is Ammie Thompson, and I am proud to be a lifelong resident of Mayflower. For the past 11 years, I have had the privilege of being married to my husband Allen, and together, we have raised our five amazing children in this community.


As a dedicated member of Mayflower, I am deeply invested in its success and prosperity. I am excited about the opportunity to work collaboratively with our community members and partners to foster growth and create something exceptional.

My Story

Welcome to the heart of my story, where the roots run deep and the bonds of community flourish. I am a proud resident of Mayflower, a place that has shaped my life’s narrative from the very beginning. It’s here, just two doors down from my childhood home, where my husband Allen and I have planted our family’s future.


Our love story began in 2012, blossoming into a partnership that blended us together with five wonderful children, all of whom have walked the halls of Mayflower Schools. They, like us, cherish the small-town charm that this community exudes, and we are blessed that they continue to call this town their home.


Professionally, I serve as a senior branch office administrator for Edward Jones in Little Rock, where I dedicate myself to the financial well-being of our clients. But my heart belongs to Mayflower, and together with Allen, we own and operate Liberty Pest Services. Our business is more than a service; it’s a commitment to the health and safety of the homes in our beloved town.


In 2021, we took a significant step by joining the chamber, a decision that reflects our dedication to Mayflower’s growth and prosperity. My passion for active involvement led me to embrace the role of president of the board—an opportunity and challenge that I accepted with enthusiasm.


My vision is clear: to be a part of Mayflower’s evolution, ensuring it remains a prosperous haven for our children and all who cherish the small-town lifestyle. Through Liberty Pest Services and my role within the chamber, I am committed to fostering a community where every family can thrive.


Join us in our journey, as we continue to weave the story of Mayflower—a tale of home, heritage, and the unwavering spirit of a town that grows together.

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I am here to help our community! I look forward to meeting you soon!


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